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Advanced Publishing Adds Full Color Blackberry and iPad Versions to its Digital Edition Suite

SAINT JOHN, NB Canada -- April 5, 2010.

Are Your Magazines Mobile?

The key to reaching readers in the new digital world is providing your content on devices your readers want to use. With Advanced Publishing you provide a single PDF file and we do the work to make sure your content is seen the way it was meant to be viewed - full color, great content, beautiful ads - on their PC, on their Mac, on their iPhone NOW on their Blackberry and iPad!

In addition to our industry leading PC based digital and iPhone versions, our AP Blackberry1 and iPad versions feature:

  • Live links on ads: All websites and email addresses on ads (and in the content) are all linked to allow readers to click to get more information and connect with advertisers.
  • Full issue search: Enter search terms and see each page that the search term appears on as well as color highlighting on each page to easily find what you are looking for.
  • AP Reporting. As readers access content from various devices, publishers want to know which devices their readers are using to access magazine content. Publishers will be able to see how many people are using which device to read their magazine from Advanced Publishing's realtime Publishers Access Center Portal.
  • Sharing: Mobile based readers can share magazine content with their friends via email, or post links to their Facebook or Twitter page directly from the AP digital edition on mobile.
  • Access: Seamless access to digital magazines using a single URL that will automatically detect the source -- a PC/MAC, an iPhone, iPad or Blackberry and deliver the appropriate version. No need to download a separate application. Readers can just use their native browsers. For Blackberry a great alternative choice is the Bolt browser (a free download).

So take a look at the Digital Edition solution you have now or what you would like to have to reach your readers on their terms. Then take a look at Advanced Publishing: providing the best full-service, the latest in technology, an innovative business model at a very competitive price.

1 Our Blackberry version supports Blackberry operating systems from 4.6 and higher, and is optimized for models starting at 8500 and up.

Advanced Publishing: Best quality, Best service, Best pricing - Leading the Way in Digital Editions for Both PC and Mobile in 2010!

Contact us for more information about our industry leading digital edition service, or click here to have a Free sample created of your publication:

Gina Gavish, Director of Sales, 203-798-2957, ggavish@advancedpublishing.com

Trish Connolly, CEO, 506-674-9550, tconnolly@advancedpublishing.com