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SAINT JOHN, NB Canada -- December 14, 2009.

In response to rapid growth and opportunity within the digital magazine publishing market, Advanced Publishing Corporation has announced the launch of its iPhone viewer to the publishing market.

“We are very excited to announce the release of the iPhone version for Advanced Publishing’s digital magazine and newspaper customers, said Trish Connolly, Advanced Publishing’s CEO. "Our iPhone version includes several unique and industry first features that our publishers and readers will appreciate for their iPhone digital magazine.”
Some of these features include:

  • Live links on ads: All websites and email addresses on ads (and in the content) are all linked to allow readers to click to get more information and connect with advertisers
  • Full issue search: Enter search terms and see each page that the search term appears on as well as color highlighting on each page to easily find what you are looking for
  • iPhone Reporting. As readers access content from various devices, publishers want to know which devices their readers are using to access magazine content. Publishers will be able to see how many people are using the iPhone to read their magazine from Advanced Publishing's realtime Publishers Access Center Portal
  • Video: Video can be added to any page of the iPhone digital magazine
  • Sharing: iPhone readers can share magazine content with their friends via email, or post links to their Facebook or Twitter page directly from the iPhone version
  • Access: Seamless access to digital magazines using a single URL that will automatically detect the source --a PC or from an iPhone and deliver the appropriate version. No need to download an iPhone App. Readers can just use their iPhone (or iPod Touch) with its standard Safari browser

“Our initial iPhone magazine, Illinois Realtor Magazine, can be accessed from any iphone by going to http://digitalmag.illinoisrealtor.org?id=1. This issue also has a video available for viewing on page 4 of the magazine that can be played by simply clicking the video play icon”, added Connolly.

“In addition, as the smart phone market explodes with better devices and higher quality screens, we expect to follow this announcement with the launch our Blackberry version in less than a month. Our Blackberry version will be the industry's first full color digital magazine - also offering publishers the opportunity to add video to their Blackberry digital magazine, so stay tuned for more news..”

This iPhone version will be rolled out to existing customers over the next few weeks.

About Advanced Publishing

Advanced Publishing provides the most up-to-date technology for digital editions that will make your magazine come to life online. Our digital editions engage readers with excellent imaging, easy navigation, and extensive interactivity. Our innovative business model creates exciting advertising opportunities that turn digital editions into a revenue generator not a cost center. And, add more to your bottom line by cutting costs in print, postage and distribution. It's a win-win formula for publishers who know that in this economic climate it is important to be ahead of the curve.

For more information contact:

Trish Connolly, CEO, 506-674-9550, tconnolly@advancedpublishing.com

Gina Gavish, Director of Sales, 203-798-2957, ggavish@advancedpublishing.com