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Great Customers, Great Feedback - A look at 2008

2008 marked Advanced Publishing’s re-emergence into the marketplace with our all-new and innovative product offerings (RIDE and Digital Anywhere). The customer response has been great! Customers such as Hearst Business Media, United Business Media, Source Media, GIE Media, Madavor Media, American Health Association, Dominion Enterprises -- just to name a few - all signed on in 2008.

Reader feedback has been phenominal - just some of the comments we have received:

“Diversion online is THE most impressive digital conversion of print material I have seen anywhere! Even the advertisements in this format are much more palatable. The New York Times, New England Journal of Medicine, and the Journal of the American Medical Association could all learn something from Diversion. Great job! Great software!” SK, MD Harvard, MA

“Just finished reading the new version of E2 supported by Silverlight! WOW! Great addition to the IAEE toolbox! I love it! Thanks for keeping improvements coming, we really appreciate them!” AM

“We all agree that your version is the “sleekest”, for want of a better word, and we are very much interested in the pricing and possibilities ... ” Magazine publisher

“This is a great digital issue of the magazine, easy to download and read, fantastic, keep going...” JV

“I just thought I would write a quick note to let you know that the format of the digital edition is extremely good, very easy to use in the browser, quick to change pages, far better than a large number of digital editions I subscribe to.” DD - Texas

Advanced Publishing provides the most up-to-date technology for digital editions that will make your magazine come to life online. Our digital editions result in readers becoming engaged with the content through excellent imaging, easy navigation, and extensive interactivity. And, your company will become part of the most significant area of growth in the publishing industry. You can save money! In these economic times, if you convert even 10% of your readership to digital you will be saving a substantial amount of money on print, paper and distribution costs. And for international circulation, there is no other way to go.

To be part of the excitement and great feedback that these publishers are receiving. Call us TODAY or click here to have a free sample issue created.

Advanced Publishing: Best quality, Best service, Best pricing

Gina Gavish, Director of Sales, 203-798-2957, ggavish@advancedpublishing.com

Trish Connolly, CEO, 506-674-9550, tconnolly@advancedpublishing.com