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SAINT JOHN, NB Canada -- July 8, 2008. Advanced Publishing announced today the launch of its Digital Anywhere version as a complement to its existing RIDE (Rich Interactive Digital Edition) offering. This non-plug in based version will ensure that EVERY digital reader will be able to access a full featured digital edition of their favorite magazine or newspaper.

“It is important for us and our publishing customers to ensure that all readers can access their magazine in a digital version. Corporate or government based readers are often precluded from downloading plug-ins (like Silverlight or Flash), and some readers still use older computers that may not support rich Internet applications like RIDE,” noted Trish Connolly, CEO. “We also wanted to make sure that we were able to maintain the fantastic image quality and feature rich offering that our RIDE version offers and Digital Anywhere has exceeded our expectations.”

Advanced Publishing plans to roll this dual version out to all existing customers over the upcoming weeks. All customers will automatically be provided with this added feature with no price change anticipated.

“Our system will automatically detect where a reader’s computer limitations may exist and only offer choice to those readers who have the system capacity to choose between RIDE and Digital Anywhere,” added Connolly. “Readers will make this selection once and the next time they are presented with their selected version automatically.”

To sample both versions, simply click here (http://vertical.advancedpublishing.com).

About Advanced Publishing

Advanced Publishing provides a complete turnkey service that enables print media publishers to provide and manage rich interactive digital editions for web based delivery to readers and subscribers via its RIDE and Digital Anywhere solutions- ensuring that every reader can access a full featured digital edition of their favorite magazine. The Company also provides a complete digital communications service via the ENGAGE platform that enables publishers to create, deliver, and manage all forms of email communications to their readers.

For more information contact:

Trish Connolly, CEO, 506-674-9550, tconnolly@advancedpublishing.com

Gina Gavish, Director of Sales, 203-798-2957, ggavish@advancedpublishing.com