Digtial Editions


Take your digital editions to the next level! With Advanced Publishing's FeatureFlo, your audience can view crystal clear text versions of all of your articles at the click of a button!

Our service options include your choice of Basic FeatureFeatureFlo articles or our Enhanced FeatureFlo articles.

Basic FeatureFeatureFlo articles

Basic articles can be added as as either a full-service or self-service add-on option and include features such as:

  • Article image header
  • In article formatting options
  • Three text sizing options
  • Text article indicator on each story

Enhanced FeatureFlo articles

Enhanced articles are available as a full-service add-on option. Enhanced FeatureFeatureFlo articles provide for a complete HTML reflow version of your magazine. These enhanced HTML5 articles provide for a beautifully responsive layout and are created and designed to simulate all content in your magazine's print articles. With Enhanced articles, different types of elements such as sidebars, special content blocks, custom formatting, images with captions, footnotes, and all advertisements are included.

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