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Engage Email

Email seems simple enough. Senders create the message, hit send, and expect that it gets to its destination. Receivers open their Inbox, read their emails, and take some action based on this new information that they've received. So why all the fuss? Email has been working fine for 25 years; why change things now? The obvious answer is that SPAM, spoofing, phishing, and viruses have hijacked our trust in email, and critical business communications are incorrectly blocked or filtered, never reaching their intended recipient. Further, the rise of the internet and online commerce has our publishing customers relying on email in ways they never imagined, and the technology that supports these demands must rise to the occasion.

Flexible Cutting Edge Technology

At the heart of the Engage platform, is a highly scalable publishing system capable of delivering millions of highly personalized permission e-mail at amazing speeds. Our robust technology provides you with the power, sophistication, and ease of use you need for success with permission email. Our Engage solution reflects the best that technology can offer to make permission email more effective.
Unlike other solutions, Engage is so flexible and easy-to-use, you can start increasing the effectiveness of your email programs without any added support by your IT organization or third party. Many of our publishing customers send out their first deployment within hours of starting up.

Designed for Publishing Marketers

Advanced Publishing provides email solutions for e-marketers in the publishing industry. Our core platform is designed for professionals, like you, who specialize in communicating with their customers, allowing you to quickly design, deploy, analyze, manage and archive each campaign. The Engage platform forms a primary support system with the tools you need to maximize the use of email. Every step along the way, Engage is there to help your organization develop deeper subscriber and advertiser relationships. You control not only the content creation of each campaign, but also list management, testing, delivery, and tracking analysis of each campaign. And that's just a hint of the full feature-set.

Our Service difference

Unlike many generic email marketing service providers, our professional service team are there for every client - to provide that "extra pair of arms and legs" or "on-call expert" you'd like to have to help you make sure you're getting the most you can for your organization.

Through Engage, Advanced Publishing is committed to providing you state-of-the-art e-content delivery backed by world class service.

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